Education Is Life
"Education is not preparation for life.  Education is life itself."

Guyla Rollins-Gaudet, M. Ed.

Education Consultant
150 NW Pelham Trail
Vass, North Carolina 28394

Program Benefits 

There are many advantages in private tutoring with Education Is Life for your child including:

  • An accurate assessment of your child’s progress through the expert use of professional assessment instruments.  
  • A calm, supportive environment where children thrive as they enjoy successful learning experiences.
  • Individualized attention by a professional educator.
  • An organized step-by-step approach to learning tailored to your child’s individual needs.
  • Learning activities that utilize a multi-sensory approach.
  • Increased self-esteem and the development of an “I can do it” attitude.

Call Guyla today at
910-603-6657 or send an email to schedule a consultation.

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