Education Is Life
"Education is not preparation for life.  Education is life itself."

Guyla Rollins-Gaudet, M. Ed.

Education Consultant
150 NW Pelham Trail
Vass, North Carolina 28394

Many services are offered to assist home schooled students and their teachers.

  • Informal assessment of current academic skills.
  • Determine most appropriate home school curriculum based on child’s individual needs.
  • Periodic assessment and reevaluation of student skills.
  • Interview potential home school teachers.
  • Train teachers implementing home school curriculum.
  • Direct instruction in a variety of standard and Advanced Placement home school classes, to assist families whose children participate in equestrian activities as well as other individual and team sports.

Private tutorials are offered to students in Kindergarten-12, with specialization in services for students with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and dyslexia.


Please call Guyla at 910-603-6657 or send an email to discuss which services may help your home schooled student.

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